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Due to COVID-19, I am postponing my safaris until further notice. Please check back regularly and be sure to follow me on FaceBook at


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Hi, I am Terri Watson and I want to thank you for your interest in my Tanzania Safaris.


As a Colorado native, I grew up in Montrose on the Western Slope and moved to Denver in 1981. I spent my 38-year career as a Human Resources Professional working for manufacturing companies. 


I have hiked the entire 500+ miles of the Colorado Trail, I was a bicyclist and an avid scuba diver, logging over 200 dives around the world. I moved to Doha Qatar, on the Persian Gulf, with my husband, Bob, in 2011. I still enjoy hiking and camping in Colorado outdoors. 


While in Doha, I was able to pursue my love of photography and sharpen my skills. We lived there for four years, returning to Colorado in 2015. I am happy to be home and close to family and friends.


It seems I have always had a camera in my hands and a longing for adventure in my heart. I have sought out a variety of experiences around the world.  I am drawn to explore wherever I am; the environment, the people, wildlife, and the surrounding activities. Taking a photo is one thing but to create the image that reflects the moment and preserve it forever is pure joy for me; from beginning to end.


In 1994 I saw the IMAX movie, Africa - The Serengeti. I so wished to visit and witness The Great Migration; something I thought I would never do.  Bob was a board member for an organization who taught at a hospital in Tanzania, so in 1999, I went with him and on my first safari. I fell in love with The Serengeti; from A to Z! The Annual Wildebeest Migration, the abundance of animals, the variety of birds, and the different landscapes were simply remarkable! I visited Tanzania several times over the years that followed.

I was hooked!


Because I enjoy sharing this amazing experience with like-minded travelers, I started leading safaris in 2012. My guests often say, 'I thought yesterday and the day before was great, but today was even better! 'Another repeated phrase is  'Tanzania; there is no place like it on Earth.' I couldn’t agree more and that is why I keep going back. 


Sharing Tanzania is ultimately the most gratifying aspect for me.