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February 2021

Safari Dates: Mid February to Early March: Dates TBD

Safari Overview: 6 - 10 Day Viewing African Wildlife 

Safari Description: $hort & $weet $afari in Tanzania 

If you have always wanted to go on safari but wanted to include other locations during your travels, this is just the Safari for you.  Discuss with me your desired number of days and arrangements can be made for you to fly onward to your next destination.   


This customized $hort & $weet $afari include game drives in three to four of my favorite parks in Tanzania. Each of these has an abundance and variety of wildlife but is distinctive in and of itself.  You will enjoy game drives each day and rest nightly in pleasant lodges. The lodging has been selected for your comfort and dining pleasure.  You don't have to be a photographer to enjoy a minimum of 6 days or as many as 10, but if you are a photographer, you can plan on ample opportunities to capture the many African wildlife, birdlife, and landscapes. Chances of seeing some of the Big Five, if not each, is pretty high!


At the close of your adventure, you will fly back to Arusha, Tanzania for an overnight stay before flying back home or you can carry on to your next vacation location.


Interested in Mountain Gorillas?  A 3 or 4 day stop in Uganda can easily be added to the safari for additional adventure! Be sure to mention your interest in Gorilla Trekking when inquiring about the $hort & $weet $afari, a trip of a lifetime. 







Booking Closes: August 31, 2020

If interested in joining me, contact me soon, but before August 31, 2020 to reserve your spot. Please note a minimum of 4 traveling passengers is needed to make this safari affordable for all. A maximum of 8 is suited for a good time.  Depending on the total number of travelers, more safari jeeps will be used for great viewing by all. If you have a group of adventurous friends or an organization you are familiar with, please share this information.

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