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A Necking Spectacle In Tanzania

Updated: May 24, 2020

My most recent safari in Tanzania, which included New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrations, was not only a huge success, but we got to observe the most incredible necking spectacle ever; no really!

'Necking' in the giraffe world is the most violent and unpleasant experience they're ever likely to engage in. Male giraffes fight with their necks because it's the most powerful and maneuverable weapon they have. Bulls fight to establish dominance or to win the right to mate with the (cows) females.

Photography tips: Look for the light, know your animal's behavior, have your camera/lens ready, and stay alert! We saw Necking two separate times in The Serengeti. If once wasn't enough, to see it again was an extraordinary moment. The giraffe were on the right side of the road, the morning light was perfect, but get this... there were three pair within 40' of each other...all three pair were NECKING. The other two photographers in the jeep didn't know which pair of the giraffe to be focusing on; Necking was going on everywhere!

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