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I Rented A 3D Lens For My D750

Updated: May 24, 2020

Over the years, I have had people comment on my work; my photography. I am always pleased, of course, to hear the compliments and yes, constructive comments from other photographers. I have always shot Nikon and used Nikon lens. My son, Travis, has taught me a lot about photography and camera equipment. Rarely has he steered me in the wrong direction; I am his mother ya know... why would he do that?

For my Signature Celebration Safari December 2018, at his strong suggestion, I rented a Nikon 200-500 5.6 lens from Lens Rental, Seriously, I am going through my images and I find several of animals splashing through the lake or spraying water on themselves and the drip, drip, drip is 3D.

So I ask you ... is it possible for a lens (and a skilled photographer behind it) to get shots of water drops that appear to be 3D? Of course! Take a look. These images are straight from the camera ... and the HEART.

Photography tips: Know your animals and their behavior so you know what to look for BEFORE it happens. Have the correct lens for what you want to capture and have your camera settings ready for the light, the action, the story!

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