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Client Testimonials

"We went on a fabulous safari to Tanzania with Terri. Terri took all of the photographs on our trip and they were amazing! She organized the whole trip and we stayed in fantastic locations and in wonderful accommodations throughout. She has a lot of experience in this country and we had the trip of a lifetime. We would recommend a trip with Terri at any time."

Wendy Williams Hause 
August 2016

"I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Terri Watson’s safaris. Terri has teamed up with a long-standing, experienced Safari operator in Tanzania who provides knowledgeable, courteous, experienced, and safe transport of her safari members. The safari route was expertly planned to provide exciting exposures to the wildlife and terrain. Accommodations ranged from nice to posh. We ate well, slept well, learned much, had breathtaking experiences - up close with the majestic inhabitants of Tanzania. We laughed till we cried and made friends for life with our fellow travelers. We came home with memories to last a lifetime."

Maxine Reckseen 
March 2017

"Terri is an experienced safari planner who works with the best guides/drivers and selects great lodges. Her meticulous planning ensures a fabulous experience viewing animals and learning about Tanzania.  We thoroughly enjoyed the visits to various parks, museums, a Masaai Village and a local orphanage.  We would highly recommend that Terri plan and lead your African Safari."

Debbie & Gary Gilliard
December 2018

"Just returned from Dec. 2018 - Jan. 2019 African safari. Triple WOW! Terri Watson handled EVERYTHING (travel, visas, hotels, and camps, transport & luggage moves, meals, tips, 6-star safari experiences, etc, etc, etc). She's been there, and she knows first-hand the whats, whens, and hows. We didn't have to even THINK of anything other than our safari sights, taking photos (she gives great tips), and finally, a glass of good wine with evening meals. And, importantly, she did all this - including several months of planning, scheduling, and kickoff-with grace, humor, and the absolute utmost in personal professionalism. 
We saw everything and more! The rare Big-5, plus cheetahs riding jeep spare tires directly in front of us, lions taking down wildebeest, cheetahs hunting, leopards hunting and napping in trees, elephants within 3 feet (1M) of our jeeps, giraffes, baboons, monkeys, birds, and of course, several million zebras and wildebeest on the Great Migration, PLUS a family of the Uganda Mountain Gorillas. Unbelievable! Triple WOW!


Mickey Gardner
January 2019
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