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Due to COVID-19, I am postponing my safaris until further notice. Please check back regularly and be sure to follow me on FaceBook at


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 Your Private-Group Customized Safari Available

Why Choose a Terri Watson Safari?

My recipe for a Successful Trip:  (1) Experienced & reliable tour operator (2) Knowledgeable driver/guide (3) Private group and experienced group lead (5) A tried and tested itinerary (6) First-rate accommodations and dining (7)  Full-board, affordable luxury (8) Professional photographer on board (9) Companions with a sense of adventure, goodwill and humor!


Beyond photographs …


A Terri Watson Safari is an all-encompassing experience. There is not one aspect alone that makes up an amazing African Safari; it is so much more than seeing an abundance of animals. Some safaris are designated for photographers while other safaris are for the pure pleasure of Tanzania animals and landscapes.


Breathtaking Sites: Our itinerary includes Tanzania’s most frequented Parks which I have personally traveled repeatedly; each has its own distinct “personality”.  Ready to venture out with me to new and exciting Tanzania parks and locations?  You'll be in the best hands!


Experience You Can Trust: My tour operator has been serving customers for 25+ years and I have been provided one of their best driver/guides available. Together, we have your back. 


Luxurious Accommodations: We stay at 4 & 5-star lodgings selected for their comfort and location as well as their great food and individual dining atmospheres. Each has stunning views for you to enjoy with your traveling companions while you relax after your day of game drives.


Wildlife & Photography: While on daily game drives, you will witness the animals and bird life in their natural habitat as well as a variety of landscapes. (You won’t want to miss the stunning sunrises and sunsets either.) Throughout your adventure, you will have ample photography opportunities. As a professional photographer and your group lead, I am happy to assist you with your own photography as much as you like!


Travel Itinerary: If you are looking for a multi-adventure trip read on... In a nutshell, 9 - 11 day Tanzania Safari. In Tanzania, we often visit a Maasai Village, school, Olduvai Gorge Museum, and/or a Hot Air Balloon Ride. We witness the Annual Wildebeest Migration, the oldest animal migration in history. The safari is customized to travelers' desires.


Other Excursions: After the safari, we can travel to Uganda to track and view Mountain Gorillas. Our lodging is in a magical rainforest with beautiful and peaceful views.   Our stay may include tracking Golden Monkeys and a visit with Batwa Pygmies. Other ideas?  The activities are customized to travelers' desires.


Getting Home: Optional is passing through Doha, Qatar,  where I lived for 4 years. Why not stop for a little taste of Middle Eastern culture and see the highlights of this city and the history of bedouins? 3 days, 3 nights; experience a Friday morning brunch, Souq Waqif, Museum of Islamic Art, Camel Races, and a ride on a wooden dhow 


I personally invite you to join me for the trip of your life.





Due to COVID-19, I am suspending my 2020 & 2021 safari tours for the time being.  I am hopeful the pandemic will be contained and under control soon. 

In the meanwhile, I'll be working on itineraries in

Tanzania, where I have traveled exclusively. It is never too

early to start planning your dream safari and I am here

to assist you.  It truly will be a trip you will always

remember as one of your favorite.

Stay well and be happy!